About Me

Frozen in space, time and everlastingly youthful.
I live to create memories because there, you will live forever.

Photographer / Content Creator


I enjoy the smaller details in life such as coffee in the morning, reading a good book in an aesthetically pleasing setting such as a cute café, park overlooking water or the comfort by a fireplace. I also enjoy the finer things in life but only if it was from my own hard work.

I am a Montreal-born, Ottawa-raised fairytale enthusiast. I am the youngest of my HUGE family of eight siblings. Despite how demanding and dramatic it is being a part of a big family, I enjoy spending time in nature to decompress and focus my creativity in capturing landscapes of ruins and natural backdrops. Aside from nature, I enjoy travelling and creating memories in new places.

Photography started as a hobby. I took my camera everywhere and would slow my husband down to take landscape photos of breathtaking views. What really got me fascinated in weddings and lifestyle photography was my best friend’s wedding photos. My first thought was, “I have never seen this type of photography in Ottawa!” I was inspired to explore my own style in the field and bring something different. I aim to produce dreamy but also story-teller like photos that are dramatic and artistic in nature. I love to put my own touch in all the photos I take, whether incorporating fairy lights, rainbow flares, smoke bombs, sparklers or other dramatic effects that I come across.

I specialize in Wedding, Portrait, Lifestyle, Landscape and Architecture photography, but you will always find me chasing love and weddings.